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MEXI LOG Fest 2021 | Chloe Coleman

The MexiLogFest was a new unimaginable experience for me.

But first off what is a log?

A log is a longboard surfboard that is generally over 9 feet. At the Mexi log fest, I rode a 9’2 solid surfboard “log” model.

Paddling out my first night for a free surf was very intimidating. Everyone there had names I knew that I looked up to such as Lola Mignot, Honolua Blomfield, and so on. This was surreal, it just sunk in that I was actually there.

photo by Inés Beisso Figari @inorwai

Going to Mexico, Punta de Burros to be exact, with all of these amazing surfers was something so special, everyone was so welcoming and inviting. Not just the surfers participating in the contest but all of the locals that welcomed us to their home break were so inviting and so kind.

Everyone at the contest was there for each other, if anyone lost their board someone would come sprinting off the beach just to save a board which is something that I am not used to back home, although people, where I live in Montauk, are all nice and have a chill vibe, something in Mexico is just different no matter the circumstance, everyone helps everyone.

Although the Mexi Log Fest is a contest, it felt like a celebration of surfing, specifically the logging community. I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to even attend the Mexi Log Fest and make it in through a video entry, and meet some amazing people that have the same passion that I do about surfing!


Chloe Coleman is a surfer from Montauk NY and withitgirl contributor see more of her surfing here.

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