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The Underground is a Connecticut music and art zine released in 2023 by Riley Scarritt. The zine highlights the impermanence of each show and documents the organic gathering of like-minded creatives sharing their passion for music. Twenty copies of the zine were printed and distributed during Riley’s senior project exhibition, documenting the local music scene. An additional 50 copies were printed and handed out for free during the zine’s celebration release music event which included the bands DashCam, Solgyres, and RockGati.

As a UConn senior, Riley observed the growing music scene on campus and its community dedicated to freedom of expression. Weekly music lineups featured a diverse range of genres, including indie rock, punk, and reggae. However, the lack of university accommodation made it challenging to find locations for performances. In response, Riley created and distributed stickers titled "LET US PLAY," to advertise a need for performance spaces. The stickers adorned the walls of basement venues, laptops, and water bottles. In time, students began organizing DIY venues to showcase local bands which drew a variety of students, notably queer and non-binary artists, from a campus primarily dominated by Greek life and sports culture.

During my Freshman year at Uconn, I took my film camera to a Machine Girl concert, and later, the band used my photos on their Instagram. When the UConn music scene started forming, I was one of the first people to take photos. I wanted to capture the movements of people, fluid and instinctual—how bodies reach a state of freedom through music.  I documented the intensity of crowds reacting to bands performing the covers of bands like Deftones and Sublime, at the same time, using my camera lens to capture the social landscape of my generation through my music interest. Soon, photographers like Liz Ryklin were at almost every show taking promotional photos of bands. 

As a photographer, it’s a rewarding experience to witness and document the synergy of many artists working together to produce events. The music scene has continued to thrive due to the dedication of students and their willingness to make sacrifices to sustain their creative endeavors.

Char's Playlist for WIG!


My name is Charlotte and I’m a Junior at the University of Connecticut. I was born in California but live in New York. I love skiing and currently, I’m learning how to snowboard. I have a deep appreciation for artistic creation, from the most physical to the most internal. My camera travels with me most of the time, whether digital or film. Music is a major part of my life. I am receptive to experimental sounds and learning the history of a subculture. I am open to learning as much as possible, to meet more people living creatively, moving their bodies and expressing what is right for themselves.

Charlotte is currently a journalism + media intern at withitgirl.

Photos courtesy of Charlotte Ungar and the UNDERGROUND zine.

Charlotte’s Instagram: charlotteungar

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Char’s Playlists on Spotify: @char

The Underground Instagram: pacifiedlux 

The Underground website:

Riley’s Interview on My First Year Podcast: S3E2 

Bands featured in the Underground zine:

Solgyres: Solgyres

DashCam: DashCam

GunkCrab: GunkCrab

RockGati: RockGati

MeloVictoria: MeloVictoria

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