Age: 20

Hometown: San Francisco

Skate or Surf?  Both

Favorite Playlist:  Luuk out it’s da…. (by macierose13) 

Hobbies: film, surfing, sewing, reading, writing, print making, and pottery.

Role: Video and Film Founder and Director


Age:   20 

Hometown:   Mill Valley

Skate or Surf?  both

Favorite Playlist: more sum

Hobbies:  Photography, surfing, skating, being cool

Role:  Photographer and the creative stuff


Age:   17

Hometown:   Marin County

Skate or Surf?  Surf

Favorite Playlist: keep bolinas sacred 

Hobbies: Surfing and hangin with friends

Role:  Handling, design and managing Pinterest and TikTok and content product development.


Age:   17

Hometown:   Marin County

Skate or Surf?  Both

Favorite Playlist: Positive Vibrations

Hobbies:  Making art, Photography, Surfing (obviously)

Role:  Photographer

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 10.08.44


Age:   20

Hometown:   Phoenix AZ

Skate or Surf?  both

Favorite Playlist: Sunflower days 

Hobbies:  Painting, music, journaling, photography

Role:  Undecided! :)


Age:   15

Hometown:   Marin

Skate or Surf? Surf, surf, surf + a little bit of carving 

Favorite Playlist: Kyky Vibes

Hobbies:  Spending time in every body of water, jewelry making, skiing, photography, poetry, making art, and traveling! 

Role:  Currently a contributor <3

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 10.12.17


Age:   19

Hometown:    Santa Monica

Skate or Surf?  both

Favorite Playlist: an untitled playlist

Hobbies:  Backpacking, collaging, attempting to sew, going on road trips, and playing cards (specifically presidents)

Role: Contributor


Age:   21

Hometown:   San Francisco

Skate or Surf? surf

Favorite Playlist: Mermaid Mission

Hobbies:  reading, writing, surfing, backpacking, sunset gazing ​

Role:  editorial and dealing with anything involving words


Age:   15

Hometown:   El Cerrito

Skate or Surf?   I do both but if there was a third option it would be mountain biking!

Favorite Playlist: listen to this if ur cool

Hobbies: Mountain biking, chilling with friends, redecorating my room, and scanning craigslist searching for barbies

Role:   Writer, graphics, collages, occasional tiktoking 


Age:   19

Hometown:   Santa Monica

Skate or Surf?  skate

Favorite Playlist: edgy girls only 

Hobbies:  Surfing, photography/mixed media art and thrifting

Role:  I’d love to do art or satirical contributions 

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 2.08.39 PM.png


Age:   26

Hometown:   La Jolla

Skate or Surf?  surf

Favorite Playlist: Anything I can dance to

Hobbies:  Surfing, painting, dancing, performance art​

Role:  Contributor 


Age:   20

Hometown:   Marin County 

Skate or Surf?  both

Favorite Playlist: stains on my brain

Hobbies:   Photography, embroidering, sometimes surfing and skating

Role:   Photographer / Videographer 


Age:   25

Hometown:   Mill Valley ​

Skate or Surf?  Skate

Favorite Playlist: bruh

Hobbies:  playing grand theft auto

Role: photographer/ creative stuff ;)


Age:   18

Hometown:   Marin County 

Skate or Surf?  surf

Favorite Playlist: Elliot Smith

Hobbies:   Surfing, reading, playing music, mountain biking, and teaching myself new things!​

Role:   Doing anything that needs to be done

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