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withitgirl™  was founded in 1996 by Marialidia Marcotulli and joined by Cory Peipon in 1998. They both envisioned forming a community of like-minded girls who enjoyed surfing/skating and who participated in music, art, tech and eco-conscious endeavors. 


Together, they began mapping out the online and offline communities, weaving a broad team of girls (and supportive chill fellows-not to leave them out!) to contribute to the movement. Designers, artists, programmers, sliders, brands, taggers, basically a grassroots group of people from various communities were invited to participate and did. At its peak, withitgirl received 1 million views a month and was growing at a pace. 

Existing originally as a community platform, the online launched on November 19, 1999. It included over 1000s pages of unique and exciting content created by and for withitgirls all around the world.  With streaming radio, chat boards, and a commerce store along with the zine/magazine (BORED)  the demand for the withitgirl feeling grew. The apparel line (LIKE) offered a smart slow fashion interchangeable girl aesthetic, and the withitgirl world expanded in breadth as well as in-depth. 

In 2020, during the Pandemic, a new generation of California withitgirls reactivated the movement, combining old content with new, and celebrating girls, women and people across the globe. The movement is continuously being re-imagined.

Please get in touch with us to get involved through our contact page or IG account @withitgirl.

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