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A SEA OF WOMEN | Queen of the POINT

Art Work by Ana Osgood

The all-lady longboard competition you’ve been hoping for is just around the corner. On June 25 and 26 the first-ever Queen of the Point (QOTP) will take place at First Point, Malibu. Bringing together women of all ages and skill levels, the Queen of the Point aims to recognize the “beauty, flow, and art” that the exploding female longboard population brings to the sport at one of the most historic surf spots in California.

QOTP founder and current president of the Malibu Boardriders Club, Carla Zamora, wanted to host an event that re-inspired the women in the longboarding community. Being a competitor of her own and having run an all-female contest in the Philippines for four years, Zamora knows how important it is to continually encourage and support women and young girls to participate in a largely male-dominated sport. On top of that, the QOTP founder wanted to step away from the “popularity contest,” ideology that many other surf competitions seem to promote. “Even if you’re not in the contest or you're just not interested in competing, I want to invite everybody to come. Nobody is excluded whether you are a spectator or competitor,” said Carla Zamora who hopes to see a “sea of women” at First Point in June.

Contest in the Philippines (2016) organized by Carla Photos by Ian Zamora (2016)

Contest in the Philippines (2016) organized by Carla Photos by Ian Zamora (2016)

The contest will have nine amateur divisions - separated by age, with 12 spots each, as well as 40 pro spots. All competitors will also participate in a specialty event with young girls and women from the El Barrio Athletic Club where competitors will guide them in learning how to surf. This contest is only the beginning of what Carla Zamora wishes to accomplish. With the help of inspired surfers and sponsors like Traveler Surf Club, Maple Holistics, Rancho Organics Sunscreen, and many more, Zamora hopes the Queen of the Point becomes a foundational event that kicks off a tour of events to follow - giving the “lady longboard revolution” the stage it both deserves and demands.

For more information visit or @queenofthepoint on Instagram.

Poster art work by Ana Osgood

Photos by Ian Zamora



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