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America's Sweet-heart (& great music!)

America Rose Marvelous Herve is a singer and songwriter from the Bay Area who goes by her artist name, America Rose. Bubbly, ethereal, and extremely creative, America is a hard-working musician with incredible talent. Her music is unique and digs deep into her emotional vault. Her charisma and charm float around her like a cloud.

Photos By Sean Bertrand

What is your name? How old are you? And where are you from?

I'm America Rose, and I'm 19 years old. I'm from San Francisco, California.

Can you tell me a bit about your name?

My parents are both immigrants. My mom kind of has a corny way of explaining how I got my name… she says that I am her "American Dream,"... but that's so cheesy. *giggles*

What are some hobbies and things you do besides music?

I like to hike a lot, and I like to meditate. I like to catch the sunset as often as I can, and I like to do Tarot a lot, too. I love watching planet Earth and videos about dinosaurs *giggles proceeds*

What's your sign?

I'm a Capricorn! Capricorn Sun, Gemini Rising, Aquarius Moon.

Photos By Sean Bertrand

When did you discover your love for music?

It's always been there. I mean, when I was younger, I just loved singing, and I would sing everywhere. I was always kind of in my own world. When I was bored, I would come up with melodies in my head. On days when my mom was cleaning, and I had to help her, I would have a broom and perform to my make-believe audience. Things like that… I have always loved music, and I have always loved singing! I do it all the time, every day. There is always music playing in my head. I am pretty much my own radio station!

Who is your favorite musician right now?

Um. Darn! I am currently enjoying multiple different genres of music. But I have really been loving Stella Donnely. Donnely is badass and witty, and at the same time, she has a crazy beautiful voice with a lot of control in her vocals.

What's your favorite song right now?

It's actually a Stella Donnely song, called Beware Of The Dogs. She talks about being aware of politicians who will put on a face to get your vote and touches on the willful ignorance of the damage being done to the environment by Parliament in Australia, where she's from.

Who do you look up to the most?

My mom. Her resilience is insane to me. Like the fact that she, an immigrant, raised me by herself at 17, got us out of 2 1/2 years of homelessness when I was really little, and then put me through private school. My mom is a superwoman in my eyes. No matter what, she has always been able to rise up. I have seen her in her moments of despair. At the end of the day, she got me to where I am. I am so grateful for her.

Do you have any dreams?

I do have a ton of dreams. It's overwhelming how many dreams I have. I've always wanted to perform for a ton of people, travel around the world, and meet people. I want to make a living from music. I want to try different foods and see different cultures. I want to work on an animated movie. I want to buy my mom a house. I also have always wanted a garden and a farm! I just like so many different things. I have recently been super interested in paleontology, astrology, and ocean conservation. Hopefully, I live a long life so I can do everything I dream of!


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Look out for her new single “Time Warp” releasing December 29th, 2020!

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