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Photo by Jesse Jennings - Liza (left) Alie (Right) North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, February 2023 _

Twin sisters Alie & Liza Toppa founded Missfits, an eco-friendly women's wetsuit line emphasizing design and self-expression. After acknowledging the creative possibilities in the wetsuit market, they partnered with manufacturer 7TILL8 to design what would become the first collection of the Missfits wetsuits.

Photo by JH Peterson - Liza (left) Alie (right) Grosse Point, MI August 2014

Photo by Michele Freil Almedia - Liza (left) Alie (right) Newport, IR August 2022

As East Coasters with roots in both Florida and Rhode Island, it was inevitable for Alie and Liza to fall in love with the ocean and lifestyle that followed. Growing up as competitive sailors, surfing was more something they did for the pure joy of it. Sailing offered the girls many opportunities at a young age, such as traveling, community engagement, and an abundance of inspiration. They channeled all these influences into starting a business they had always dreamed of doing together.

Photo by Jesse Jennings , Alie - Sunset Beach Hawaii, February 2022

The name “Missfits” says a lot about the founders and what they are about. They find it fun to go against the grain and be their most authentic selves, so why not express that in a product.! The combination of functionality and fashion in a wetsuit was a big priority for them, especially in the growing market of eco-conscious wetsuit brands. In producing their wetsuits, they aimed to be as mindful as possible regarding the materials used. All of our suits are made with Yamamoto, a Japanese limestone based neoprene, steering away from the standard petroleum based neoprene. This means a lot to the Missfits because they strongly believe in progression stemming from sustainability and inclusion within the surfing industry.

Photo by Tommy Pierucki -Liza Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2021

In their own words:

When it comes to starting your own business and taking your own route, it can be quite scary at times. Taking the leap from consumerism to entrepreneurship in the industry has taught us so much. Our best advice is to ensure you stay doing what you love. When your work is fueled by passion, it shows. Starting your own company is multidimensional in terms of everything that goes into it behind the scenes. Between all things business (the design, manufacturing, marketing, legality, and financials) it sometimes became challenging to move forward knowing we’re headed in the right direction for us and Missfits. But in the challenging moments for us, we learned and grew as entrepreneurs in our own way. We’re excited to continue to work towards the growth of Missfits and keep the fun coming!

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Additional Information

Childhood Photos: Alie and Kate Whitney Lucey

Photo of Alie skateboarding by Maaike Bernstrom Newport, Rhode Island (2022)

Product Photos by Ivana Burbage

Website: (will be live June 10th)

Instagram: @missfits_co

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