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REFLECTIONS xVans Duct Tape Mexico Spring 2022

Now that it’s summer, I’ve been reflecting on my time in Mexico this past spring. Withitgirl had the opportunity to spend April 20-23 in Sayulita, Mexico, to join surfers, artists, and other media collaborators for the 10th annual Vans Duct Tape surf competition. With Duct Tape only lasting a few short days, our time was jam-packed with events ranging from surf film premiers to beachside views of the competition!

Photo by Grace Stiberth (2022) Sayulita, Mexico xVans Duct Tape

We came to Sayulita with the concept of “drawing your own line” to uncover surfers’ stories of individual discovery, self-expression, and surf style. With the support of our mentor and leader, Beth O’Rourke, each of us Withitgirls⁠—Asha, Grace, Marian, and Audie⁠—took on unique roles to make lasting connections with competitors and community members, develop content, and spread the word about our platform’s message.

Photo by Grace Stiberth (2022) , Surfer Karina Rozunko

As Withitgirls, drawing our own lines took on various forms literally and metaphorically throughout our journey. Following our line from California to Nayarit, we immersed ourselves fully in Mexican culture upon arrival. With activities ranging from a historic “vision walk” and events at Tukari Bar, a local favorite, the festival component of the Vans Duct Tape invitational showcased so many of Sayulita’s cultural highlights. Sayulita’s locals were even friendly enough to point us in the direction of tasty eats and activities to fill our time between the competition's coverage.

Some of our favorite activities of the festival included surf film screenings, a pop-up art gallery, and Earth Day festivities! The Vans Duct Tape competition captured what the surf community stands for beyond being just a sport. Creativity, cooperation, and environmental stewardship were present in every encounter, activity, and shared wave.

Photo by Grace Stiberth (2022) , Surfers Karina Rozunko & Rosie Jaffurs

Left to Right: Marian, Grace, Asha, Audie , Photo by Beth O'Rourke 2022

In August, Withitgirl is teaming back up with Duct Tape to bring you coverage of the women's competitions at the Vans US Open in Huntington Beach, California! Stay tuned!


Marian Walker is an environmentalist, artist, and fan of all things with boards, wheels, or both! As a part of the Withitgirl team, she hopes to channel her creative energy into fun pieces for the collaborative!

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