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Snow sports, including skiing and snowboarding, have a long-standing history intertwined with privilege and exclusivity since their inception. The upkeep of costly equipment and the need to travel to different mountains under varying conditions make these activities financially demanding, often categorizing them as pursuits reserved for those who can afford the associated expenses. Skiing, in particular, has been likened to a country club among sports, with advancements and communities of women, gender-fluid individuals, non-white athletes, adaptive athletes, and others often overlooked or marginalized.

As a lifelong female skier, I've personally experienced a sense of resistance and conditioned hesitance when it comes to attempting terrain parks. Mainstream skiing and snowboarding media tend to highlight daring male athletes, perpetuating a narrow and exclusionary image of the sport, despite token efforts at inclusivity that often feature only one woman, if any, in their representations.

This "one is enough" mentality regarding representation has been noticeable, underscoring the need for resources actively working to reshape the representation of skiing and snow sports. 

The breath of inclusion also extends to accounting for the raw, “gift” of nature so often minimized and compromised. Due to evolving climate changes, snowfall numbers are declining. As a conscious eco-athlete, it is necessary to be mindful of the origins of the soils we perform and play on— their history and ecological vulnerabilities 

By actively supporting initiatives that promote diversity, inclusion, and environmental awareness, we can fundamentally broaden how we perceive and engage with athleticism in winter sports.  ~Charlotte Unger (WIG Publishing Intern 2024)

We welcome submissions to this expanding resources list.


Alaska Ski for Women: N.A. largest women’s cross-country ski event + lessons in Kincaid Park

BIPOC Mountain Collective: Bringing Minorities to the Outdoors

Black Skiers & Snowboarders: Promoting winter sports amongst the black community

Colour the Trails: BlPOC & allies interested in outdoor adventure

Frother Women In Snowboarding: A podcast for women in the world of snowboarding

Hot Girls Shred Club: Girlies who shred

Incus_ski-vity: Everyone should see themselves represented in the ski community

Mint Women Snowboarding: Tours, Guiding & Coaching Japan | Europe | N.A | N.Z

Mount Noire: Bringing colour to the mountain.

Outdoor Afro: Nationwide network of 60K+ people to connect Black people with nature

POW (Protect Our Winters): Canadian community athletes & brands for climate change

She Shreds: Global Community for girls and women in action and extreme sports.

Shred Catz:Connecting and celebrating our female community. Every level is welcome 🐾

Slut Strand Society: Amateur sports team to express femininity within a global alliance.

Ski Gals Colorado: Colorado's ultimate all-women's ski crew! Shredding slopes, making memories, and empowering women one meetup at a time.

Ski Like A Girl: Encouraging the girls to get out in the mountains.

Tough Tits in Mits: 🔥 For chicks with tough tits, 🔥 Women empowerment for girls

Tits Deep For Breast Cancer: Advocacy, Education, Outreach +Supporting young women seeking Breast Cancer Treatment

VNTRbirds: Women focused outdoor education and experiences.


BlackPackers: Meeting those at the intersection of economic vulnerability and under-representation

Boarders 4 breast Cancer (b4bc): Shredding the love since 1996. B4BC™ is the original youth-focused breast cancer education foundation for health + wellness.

Chill Foundation (Burton’s nonprofit arm)

High Five Foundation: Supporting outdoor athletes ⛷🏄‍♀️🚴🪂🎣

Hoods to Woods: Introducing teens in Brooklyn and the Tri -State area to the outdoors with Snowboarding and mentoring

Inclusive Ski Touring: An inclusive uphill community through organized group programs.

Indigenous Women Outdoors: Help Indigenous women connect with nature

Melanin Base Camp: Diversity in outdoor adventure sports

National Brotherhood of Skiers: The National Brotherhood of Skiers was chartered in 1974 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in Illinois in 1975.

NSSA: Nordic Ski Association Anchorage

No Boundaries: The Northeast's best lift ticket deals

Protect Our Winters: POW helps passionate outdoor people protect the places and experiences they love from climate change.

Share Winter Foundation: Enriching the lives of youth through winter sports

She Jumps: Get the Girls Out! Break Barriers and forge new connections

Shred Foundation: Career skills to youth through snowboarding and skateboarding

Shred Maiden: shreducation ✿ inspiration ✿ community ✿

Shred Unit: Snowboard & Freeski Sessions for Girls

Sisters in Action: Inspire, encourage and empower womxn & girls through participation in action sports.

Ski Duck: Providing 1000 hrs of free skiing lesson

OpenSlopespdx: Enabling POC & queer ppl to grow in snowsports through community building & mutual aid based in Mount Hood


Aspen Gay Week: Only nonprofit gay ski week, celebrating pride in Aspen each year for a week, 2024: Jan. 14-21

Boottanfest: The largest ski & snowboard festival on the planet for women & femmes

Black Ski Summit: Biennial fundraiser of the National Brotherhood of Skiers in Big Sky, Montana bringing together over black 2000 skiers 

Hartford Ski Spectacular: Winter sports festival in Breckenridge, Colorado for people with disabilities 

Super Girl Snow Pro: World’s largest all-women’s sports competition, esports competition and music festival.


A film pioneered by Addy Jacobsend sharing advice from three generations of women in skiing to abandon the “one woman is enough” phenomenon

Action-driven ski and snowboard film elevating people of color, women, and adaptive athletes

BlackCounty Skiers (2023) (Full Movie Link)

A film embodying expressions of art, skiing, and black culture

Hot Coco (2022) (Full Movie Link)

A team of women Burton riders pushes the limits of snowboarding.

A film advocating for gender equality in snowboarding, focusing largely on the presence and impact of Icelandic women. 

Professional snowboarder Jess Kimura grapples with personal tragedy amidst the height of her career.

Vans’ first all-women snowboarding film shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film

Nadine Wallner: Now or Never (2018) (Full Movie Link)

Two-time Freeride World Champion Nadine Wallner documents her journey of extreme alpine skiing.

Skiing in Color (2022)  Doc on Lamont Joseph White- Utah Skier + Artist 

Skier Lamont Joseph White explores the lack of diversity and inclusion in skiing, showing black and white joy in white environments.

The final piece to The Uninvited trilogy, women produced snowboarding film featuring over 10 female athletes.

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