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This is Hinds | Prettiest Curse

The Hinds, the band whose spunky sound absolutely rocked my world in the 9th grade. Whether you want to sing and dance your heart out or reflect upon the downfall of a relationship, the Hinds have something for you.

Simply noting the influences of surf rock and indie pop doesn't do the band justice. Based in Spain, the Hinds have made a major impact in the music industry abroad. Their love and friendship for one another are evident through their music and are only just a small part of what makes their sound so transcendent. Their unique lyrics discuss everything from heartache to life as a young girl who’s just trying to survive. Their debut album titled “Leave me Alone” encaptures the reality of betrayal and naivete in teenage love and friendships. Ignorance is bliss until it’s not. As the band themselves have said of their popular hit titled “Warts,” the listener at first glance might only hear “PARABARABARABÁ,” but with a closer listen, you’ll know that’s exactly what they want you to hear.

Their lyrics are muffled due to their overlapping voices and pronunciations, creating an artistically raw sound when paired with their beautiful melodies and instrumentation. The pairing of their melancholic lyrics with their raw, unedited, upbeat garage rock sound allows for a special listening experience. Their music is not something you can listen to once and be able to fully comprehend.

Their music videos, musicianship, and every lyric, all work together to signify a deeper individualized listening experience. They describe teenage growing pains through an unfeigned lens, allowing their youthful audience to relate to every word. Their music is not only authentic and interconnected, but also makes for an extremely playful sound to scream and dance to. The Hinds will help you enjoy your precious moments and survive the absolute worst. Young girls have a wide range of emotions that simply no boy band can encapsulate like a girl band does.

Their latest album, “The Prettiest Curse,” portrays the band’s development, while sticking to their root themes of heartache and empowerment. Although a noticeably more produced sound, they maintain their authenticity through their lusty, coinciding vocals. However, fans are finding it harder to relate to the more produced sound as their hectic, boisterous tone has been said to be muted by the “overproduction.” However, I believe that this transition was destined to happen with the band’s growing popularity in the past few years. Although this album may sound more refined musically than previous albums, the group’s lyrics maintain their relatability while discussing topics of girlhood, love, and growing pains. Their fourth single, “Just Like Kids(Miau),” discusses the complex issues the band faces in the music industry as an all-girl group. Although the band has previously stated that they’ve “been afraid of pop music for years,” “The Prettiest Curse” synthesizes their new pop sound with their original punk-ish, garage rock tone. Reaching popularity, many bands approach pop to appeal to the masses, a classic record industry capitalist ploy. However, the Hinds are wary of this and noticeably continue to make music that is true to themselves and their listeners. The song “Burn” is as braying and lively as anything they’ve done before, which highlights their seamless transition to a more popish, produced sound.

Romance, feminism, and overall life as a young woman are just a few topics the Hinds perfectly portray through their music. The rise of girl groups, especially intersectional girl groups, is crucial for the advancement of intersectional feminism in the media. Historically objectified and exploited for their talents and young age, the presence of girl bands has majorly declined since the early '60s. Tenacious bands like the Hinds are critical for the survival of girl bands and the presence of young women in the music industry.


Izzi is currently studying at UCLA but grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is passionate about music, feminism, and writing and the intersection between them all!

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