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Annabel & Camille's Deck Set-Ups

How did you both get into skating?

We both really started skating together about 8 months ago just around the backstreets of mill valley. Annabel had been skating on and off for a few years before but committed herself to it starting in quarantine. We got into skating because we were inspired by the skating culture community in Marin but also saw the culture grow with more diversity through skaters we follow on social media.

Annabel 's Deck:

Deck: Quasi fruit deck 8.375

Wheels: Spitfire OG classic’s 54mm

Trucks: polished mid independent trucks

Bearings: reds

Camille's Deck:

Deck: krooked 8.06

Wheels: bones stf wheels 54mm

Trucks: hollow silver independent trucks

Bearings: reds

Why do these setups work for you? How does each part of your setup help your skating?

Annabel: It's my first board that I have had for a while so the size is what I am most comfortable with. these OG spitfires have been working great for me, they are a new addition to my set up:)

Camille: I was riding on an 8.5 for a while, now riding something smaller which has been more comfortable. Recently I've liked skating streets so my wheels are softer than they usually are.

What skaters inspire you?


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