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LONGBOARD GIRLS | Find Your Local Chapter

The Longboard Girls Crew began in Spain (2010) as a group of friends who started skating together and saw the lack of representation of girls, women, trans, and non-binary skateboarders as an opportunity. Through videos, they started promoting more diversity in this male-dominated sport, and a global community was born. LGC now offers mentorship and the support of ambassadors in 60 countries, who organize regional groups and meetups for all skills levels.

Their community-oriented approach has expanded into a non-profit organization Longboard Women United. LGC has already impacted thousands of lives worldwide by spreading the joy of longboarding and the friendships that come with it. Their nonprofit LWU aims to use this global influence to create a more considerable positive social impact and assist communities in need through additional NGO activities. Stay tuned for the full feature story!

An estimate of 20 million people have been reached worldwide, and LGC uses this reach to empower all people to find community and inspiration in the traditionally male-dominated sport of longboarding. They aim to provide role models of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures to inspire people to see that they too can find joy/community through longboarding.


Click the link to, select JOIN the Community, find your local chapter, and dm/message them through Facebook or Instagram! Head on over to a covid-safe meetup and get started!


Facebook: @longboardgc

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