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Miss Elle Music | Powsurfing UPDATE

Photo by Matt Hoover, Miss Elle, Solo Album Cover Shot

Greetings With It Girls!

My name is Miss Elle, and I am from Eden, Utah. In January of 2021, With It Girl Izzi Fraser interviewed me and wrote about my love for songwriting and snowboarding. That interview gave me a moment to reflect on where I came from and what truly matters to me as a creative. One main takeaway from the interview was that I believe art can be a form of healing. Thank you, Izzi, and With It Girl, for that opportunity to share my story. If you missed Izzy’s article, here’s the link!

I wanted to share a few musical updates with you all! Last July, I released an EP with my band “Elle and The Echo”. “The Unknown” by Elle and The Echo, is out now on all streaming platforms! It feels great to finally be able to say that! I truly love all the songs on this EP and honestly, I can’t decide which song is my favorite. I do recommend listening to “Unknown”. It is about being fearless and embracing life in the moment, no matter what. For me, this song reaffirms the notion that art can be healing. I have experienced healing through this song many times and in many different ways. I hope you feel something that moves you in a deep way too.

Last Fall, I had an amazing opportunity to go on tour playing solo! I was part of a snowboard film premier tour for the film Range Finder, by Black Koles. We had 6 stops including San Diego & Venice, CA - Salt Lake City, UT - Austin, TX - Denver, CO - and Jackson, WY. It was incredible. I played solo at each event before the film premiered. It was a real honor to be a part of this project and have my music playing behind some of my favorite snowboarders.

Here is the full film:

Currently, I am working on releasing my solo music! The tour inspired me to share what I do with just my voice and my guitar. I will be releasing 7 songs in the coming weeks! The tracks are raw, simple, and intimate. Enjoy!

Here is the first one: The Hope Song

Follow me on Instagram to get the latest! @missellemusic

Photo by Joe Rizzo (Jan 2022) Miss Elle, The Freedom Frontier

Photo by Joe Rizzo (Jan 2022) Alex Andrews + Miss Elle, The Freedom Frontier

Lastly, Winter is ON here in Utah, and I have been snowboarding as much as possible. My boyfriend Alex / connoisseur of all things Froth, introduced me to Powsurfing last year, ever heard of it!? It’s like snowboarding but with no bindings! Deep, fresh powder and low-angle terrain are ideal for Powsurfing. Here are a few photos from New Year’s Day, 2022. It was the perfect way to start a new year!

Stay strong and open-hearted, With It Girls! I hope 2022 is full of wonder, joy, new opportunities, and tons of creativity! I have been inspired by all the stories and powerful women featured here on With It Girl! What an awesome platform for us all to share our stories, trials, and triumphs! Thanks for reading!

~Miss Elle

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Miss Elle - The Hope Song

Music Videos by Miss Elle:

Elle and The Echo - The Unknown

Range Finder the film by Black Koles

Grassroots Powsurfing

- Powsurfboards handmade by Utah’s own Powsurf Legend and Guru: Jeremy Jensen

Izzy’s Miss Elle Interview at withitgirl!

Matt Hoover - incredible photographer / Miss Elle’s album cover photo

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