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The mission of Queen Of The Point (QOTP) is to acknowledge and show respect to the women who came before, to give a platform for the current class, and to encourage girls of the future to embrace longboard surfing. This event brings together some of the most talented longboard surfers on the planet to compete for the prestigious Queen Of The Point title.

Founder, Carla Zamora, wanted to host an event that re-inspired the women in the longboarding community. Being a competitor of her own and having run an all-female contest in the Philippines for four years, Zamora knows how important it is to continually encourage and support women and young girls to participate in a largely male-dominated sport. On top of that, the QOTP founder wanted to step away from the “popularity contest” ideology that many other surf competitions seem to promote. “Even if you’re not in the contest or you're just not interested in competing, I want to invite everybody to come. Nobody is excluded whether you are a spectator or competitor,” said Carla Zamora, who hopes to see a “sea of women” at First Point.

The Queen Of The Point is an international sensation, bringing together the best female longboard surfers from around the world to compete and inspire the next generation of surfers. QOTP gained global recognition, with the first international event of 2023 taking place in La Union, Philippines. The contests have become a must-attend for surfing enthusiasts, and future events in the Philipines, Australia, Indonesia, and California for 2024 are in the works.

Last year's event final saw an incredible display of skill and athleticism from the finalists, including Sally Cohen, Mia McMahon, and Ming hui Brown, who placed second, third, and fourth, respectively. Spectators can expect nothing less than thrilling performances as these surfers and others take to the waves for this year's competition.

This year’s 2023 opening ceremony will be hosted at Traveler Surf Club's new location in the Malibu Village shopping center (3862 Cross Creek Rd) on Friday, June 23, 2023, at 5 pm. The club is set to become a hub for surf enthusiasts, offering a range of facilities and activities for surfers of all levels. The ceremony brings together attendees, surfers, and organizers to get a taste of what will come over the competition's next two days.

Lastly, You definitely do not want to miss the one-hour surf session for girls and women from El Barrio Athletic Club on Sunday, June 25, where competitors will partake in teaching the gals to surf. This is a great opportunity for women to learn from some of the best surfers in the world and try their hand at riding the waves.


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