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Rachel Lord: Custom Surfboard Review

What are some features of your board/length / who shaped it?

The board is a single fin 9’3 x 22 ⅛ x 2 ⅞ shaped by Rachel Lord It is a pretty flat board and has a big old square tail and 50/50 rails. Double stringer. Original custom artwork by Rachel, too; pastel abstract painted bottom and hand-drawn eyes on top with a beautiful pink pinstripe lining the rail wrap. Pretty heavy gloss coat.

Why do you like it / why did you choose it?

Last year I met Rachel and got really into what she is making. She is not only a great shaper and human but an incredible Artist! I have wanted a custom longboard for a bit, something sort of 60s style noserider, but I knew I wanted it to be super colorful and unique. I love shapers who make a board specific to where you are surfing the board. You can tell they put extra care and detail into their work. I feel like many boards today are made with profit/mass production/throw away mentality in mind over quality, and I know that Rachel puts a lot of soul into her work. It is something I will cherish for my whole life and beyond. The board has been an instant hit, and it rides great and performs amazingly!

Secrets about this board:

I told Rachel to go crazy and make the art whatever, and magically she chose a color scheme that I have wanted since I was 16.

It is literally the board of my dreams!

I get more compliments and questions about this board than anything I’ve ever surfed, average about 1-3 comments every session. It is fun to have such a rad piece of art under my feet. Thank you, Rachel

This board was an impulse buy purchased with the stimulus check that I spent only supporting female Artists that I know and love.


Written with love by Kimmy Haines, an artist, surfer, and rad woman from San Diego

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