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What's Your Quiver: Estella

Hi my name is Estella and I’ve been surfing since I was 9 years old. I live in a small surf town on the coast of Northern California, and my favorite surf spot is definitely Malibu. The first time I went there it was summer and I instantly fell in love. The clear warm water and long waves-- everything about it is so magical. I love the feeling of being free and out in the ocean where I feel safe and at peace. My mom and dad have been surfing for years, so they definitely inspired me to get out and try surfing. Also, even though the town I grew up in was small and there wasn’t much to do, almost everyone in our community loves to surf.

There are 3 (ish) boards in my quiver:

—The first real board I ever got was a 10 foot Pearson’s arrow nose rider. I got this board when I was 16 down in Santa Cruz. It’s red and white and thick and wide; perfect for long nose rides on small days.

—I recently got a burnt 7’8 Torque fun board after our local surf shop burned down. I’ve never ridden anything under 9’, so this was definitely a big change. It’s red and white and has a pintail; it’s almost shaped like a shortboard but a little wider. It’s light and turns well. I’m definitely still getting the hang of it, but I’m excited to see how much I progress!

—My favorite board currently is my 9’8 mustard yellow Bing Bueno Life shaped by Dean Petty and Matt Calvani. It rides so swiftly and the moon tale makes turning super easy. Having the big concave helps me get up to the nose fast on small waves. I love this board because it’s the first board I’ve ever bought with my own money (it was a lot) but definitely worth it. When I’m on it I feel so magical, like I’m flying. It’s the best feeling.


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