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All Girl Skate Jam!

What could be finer than spending a beautiful, sunny Southern California day at a place called "Skateboard Heaven" for the All Girl Skate Jam? Last summer withitgirl had the pleasure of sponsoring the San Diego leg of the internationally touring event known as the AGSJ*. We set up a booth at the bottom of a huge vert ramp and met all kinds of ladies (and some gents) who came out to skate or to support their friends.

Alongside familiar pros like Cara-Beth Burnside, Elissa Steamer and Jamie Reyes, up and coming riders like Amy Caron and budding new-comers like Sasha LaRochelle had the chance to drop in and compete in the contest that helps move ams into national rankings. Last year showed once again that Patty Segovia's brain-child is well worth the time and effort that she puts into it every year, and we can predict that 2001 will be another fine season for the AGSJ.

In anticipation of AGSJ's 2001 season, we thought we'd show you some nice shots from last year's event and let you know how to participate - as a fan or a competitor - in this year's events. Enjoy the view...

*Patty Segovia started the All Girl Skate Jam contest in 1997 for women to earn prize money, increase their exposure and provide space to skate together. It still promotes girls skatin’ and slidin’ to this day.

* The original website no longer exists, but this link leads you to the AGSJ Facebook page!:


Cory Peipon was Editor in Chief at withitgirl. Maya Hayuk was Photo Editor at withitgirl.

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