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Montana Girl Skate | Photo Diary

My name is Grace Elden, and this is a look inside what the skate scene is here in Montana. I grew up in Whitefish, Montana, and I've been skateboarding since I was about 14 years old.

At first, there were not a lot of skaters in the younger generations at the time that I knew of, it was not yet very popular among teens.

At my local skatepark in whitefish, It was your stereotypical small-town group of skaters. The older man who can absolutely rip, the friend group of middle school boys, and the punk skaters.

I observed change over the years, and since then skateboarding here has blown up. Now the park is packed, with all ages, all ability levels, and almost everyone in my high school started to skate.

It has become the hangout spot in town for many people and has been becoming more inclusive. Skateboarding here has really allowed me to form a community with everyone and the skate scene from all over Montana.


Grace Elden is a withitgirl contributor, rad skater, and skier at withitgirl from Montana!

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