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The Emily Strange Interview

Emily Tells It Like It Is!

Emily the Strange even now... When she prowls around with her posse, the spooks hide from her. She's the girl you see everywhere but can never find. Of course, I figured there was no way she'd ever agree to give withitgirl an interview. But that just goes to show what I know.

Here is our Q&A; with everyone's favorite misanthrope...

withitgirl: How old are you?

Emily: 13

W: Where do you go to school?

E: I study the Book of Strange.

W: Can you give us your own words to live by?

E: Be all you can't be.

W: Have you ever seen "Repulsion"? You sort of remind me of Catherine Deneuve's character. Anyway, what's your favorite movie?

E: Huh? "Unicycle Baby Guy" now showing at the ESP Theatre.*

W: You get into a time machine...what year do you set the dial to?

E: I built my own Time Out Machine and have been everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

W: What's the best nightmare you've ever had?

E: When everyone forgot I was there.

W: There must be something that even you think is just too creepy...what is it?

E: I hate paper cuts.

W: Who's your idol?

E: Billy.

W: What's your favorite book?

E: The Book of Strange.

W: What sort of terrain do you like to ride best when you're skating? Street? Vert? Rails? Mausoleums?

E: The hard-to-find spots, like caves.

W: Do you have any skateboarding role models?

E: Neil Blender of the Aggro Zone.

W: Who would win in an ollie-for-height contest: Tim Burton or Edward Gorey?

E: Probably Tim. He's a show off.

W: I'm picturing you on a MEOW skateboard, even though I'm sure you prefer to ride your own Emily board. But besides your own skate decks, what equipment do you like?

E: I look around for the free stuff. If you're interested, I ride 55/95's and always the fastest German speed bearings.

W: What do you think about people who say girls can't skate?

E: They probably don't believe in ghosts either.

W: What is your skate posse like? Or are you a lone ranger?

E: I prefer doing everything without much company.

W: What tricks are you working on right now?

E: Making you disappear.

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From the Withitgirl 2000 ARCHIVES with new strange edits 2021

Former Editor in Chief Sandy Olkowski mysteriously disappeared shortly after conducting this interview. Has anybody seen Sandy lately? Please DM us!!!

*Our 2021 withitgirl research and “strange fact-checking team” assumes this is the film Emily is referring to.

The official Emily Strange Website Instagram

Strange Alert: EMILY HAS animated STICKERS in the App Store

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