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Violet's Deck Set Up

How did you get into skating?

I started playing around on skateboards when I was younger on my Father's old ones in the basement. I was never inspired to really start skating until slightly over a year ago (summer 2019). I've been getting a lot better since then, but I definitely have a lot farther to go.

What skaters inspire you?

Beatrice Damond is definitely one of my favorite skaters. I love her attitude and how she is always up to skate/ try new things. It's also super inspiring that she came from a town where she was the only girl who skated, and now she's traveling the world to skate tons of new places all the time


This was the first real skateboard I’ve ever owned, which my father bought for me. I’ve tuned it up perfectly for hill bombing, which is definitely my favorite thing to do on a skateboard:-)


Deck: Cosmic Debris Emily the Strange- size 7.5

Trucks: Independent - size 129

Wheels: Bones- 52mm

Bearings: Reds


I found the deck at the Goodwill donation center, and I was compelled to fix it up, putting on new wheels, trucks, and bearings. I really love this board. It's a super chill board that I like to ride just to cruise on. I barely put any money into this board, and I love it!


Deck: Razor- size: 7.5

Trucks: Thunder Sonora Black-size: 145

Wheels: Bought off ebay

Bearings: Reds

Stickers: DC shoes


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