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Ula’s Deck Set Up

How did you get into skating?

I got into skating when I was pretty young. Still, I just recently started practicing often and actually getting into it. When I was younger, I wanted to do crazy tricks and drop in from insane heights. I was inspired by other skaters through TV/real-life and by my imagination.


Deck: proof lab size: 8.5

Trucks: thunder polished (147)

Wheels: spitfire classic 99 urethane • 53 millimeter

Bearings: reds

Stickers: came with the deck

Why do these setups work for you?

It is comfortable for me to ride and works perfectly for the type of skating I’m doing.

What skaters inspire you?

Lizzie Armanto, she is such a big inspiration and so badass. Her style is one of my favorites and she always does insane lines. She is the first woman to complete Tony Hawk’s infamous 360-degree vertical loop!!!

How does each part of your setup help your skating?

The wheels perform well on the street and in the park. They are good for cruising as well.


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