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Lula's Deck Setup

How did you get into skating?

I got into skating a couple of months ago with my boyfriend. We wanted to try and learn something together that is active and motivating. I was always so afraid and intimidated, I thought it would be too hard and it seemed like a male-dominant sport. I’ve been skating ever since, and I love it more and more every day.

Why do these setups work for you? How does each part of your setup help your skating?

I first started skating on a very small board, somebody called it a “popsicle” at the skate park which I loved. My good friend Lucy at proof lab helped me pick out a new board with looser trucks and harder wheels to help me turn and carve. My art reflects femininity and body language between human beings, so naturally, I chose a board with legs, and “Girl” wheels to match.

What skaters inspire you?

Any person who has the courage to get on a board no matter what skill level they are inspires me and fuels my love and passion for skating!


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